Pink and Black Booty Band Pack


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What’s Included?

2x Fabric Booty Bands
Medium – Pink
Large – Black
1x Mesh carry bag to take your booty bands anywhere
Non -roll, Non-slip and No pinching

4 in stock



Our booty bands have been created for all fitness levels, whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or have been exercising for a while. If you are looking to amplify your exercises to get the most out of your workouts we have you covered!

You can use our booty bands in the comfort of your home to add resistance to exercises like squats, seated abductions, side steps and more. You can also take them to the gym in their carry bag they come with and enhance your workout at the gym.

Our General Size Guide

Depending on how you plan on using your new booty bands will determine which resistance band is right for you.

If you are planning on using your new bands for squats, hip thrusts, side walks etc I would suggest either the small or medium band.

If you are planning on using your new bands for shuffles, ankle exercises, donkey kicks, any wide range motion I would suggest purchasing the large band as it is a little bigger and would be more suited.

About Our Bands

Our bands are created with an anti-slip and non-rolling design with a slip resistant rubber strip on the inside of the band to avoid any unwanted rolling.

Our resistance bands are made from the highest quality materials designed to support even the most explosive exercises.

All our bands come with a mesh carry bag which makes it even easier to take them to the gym, outdoors, on holidays or wherever you feel like working out.

Size info

MEDIUM: Length: 74x8cm – Pink
LARGE: Length: 86x8cm – Black


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